BML Policies & Procedures

Mission Statement:  

To emulate the modern day MLB set-up as close as possible where it makes sense to do so from an online league standpoint.

To provide an entertaining baseball league simulation and online community of and for our GMs.

To adapt and change the way we do things if the members determine it’s in the best interest of the league to do so.

Commish – PatrickO (TOR)

Executive Committee: DarylG (LAD), AndyW (OAK), DustinR (MIL) DavidJ (HOU)
Honorary EC: JohnW (BOS)

GM Responsibilities

• Must own the version of the game the league decides to utilize (currently OOTP16), and must update to the most recent patch when instructed to do so.

• Must export at least once a week.

• Must give written notification via the "Out of Office" message board if they intend to miss one week or more of sims.

• Excessively missing sims without explanation may result in removal from the League at the discretion of the Commissioner or Executive Committee.

• Must respond to all mandatory roll calls and votes.

• Expected to participate in forum discussions on a regular basis and respond to all PMs in a timely fashion.

• Expected to act in a mature and respectable manner at all times, in the forums or through PMs.

***Failure to meet these responsibilities without notifying the league of your absence or situation may result in your dismissal from the league.***


• Regular season sims are run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after 9 pm Central Time

• Regular season sims run a maximum of 7 days in-game, less than 7 days before and after important league events.

• Playoff sims run a maximum of 3 days in-game, less depending on the circumstances of each series.

• Offseason sims are run according to a schedule set out by the commissioner at the start of the offseason.

Amateur Draft

• Will be conducted through the OOTP Utilities.

• Class will be released on Opening Day and Draft will begin the day after Sim #1 of each season.

• The amateur draft will operate on a rolling timer, with each pick slot receiving 3 hours in which to make a selection. The 3 hours begins immediately following the previous selection being made. The timer will pause between the hours of 11 PM Central and 7 AM Central

• If a team misses a pick, they will automatically be set to auto-draft and the Draft will no longer wait for them. All other picks will be made immediately when they are on the clock. Rule 5 Draft

• Rule 5 Draft will be enabled, Commish may step-in and protect players for absent GMs.

Free Agency/Contract Extensions

• Teams may not offer a multi-year contract extension to any player who has not yet had his first arbitration hearing. One year extensions are permitted.

• Offering a player option after a team option will result in both options being converted to guaranteed years.

• All team options years must have a buyout of at least 25% of the annual contract value for the option year.

*** If the contract is invalid due to an improper buyout, the option year will be converted to a guaranteed salary ***

• For any contract that has ANY yearly value over $10M, the following front-load/back-load rules will apply: - No yearly value can be more than double any other yearly value.

*** If the contract is invalid due to an improper annual value structure, the lowest value years will be converted to 50% of the maximum value years.***

• Vesting Options/Incentives are permitted but they must NOT EXCEED the following:


Plate Appearance: 600

Games Played: 150

Starting Pitchers

Games Started: 25

IP: 200

Games Finished: 10

Relief Pitchers

Games Started: 10 IP: 75

Games Finished: 60

*** Contracts that circumvent these rules will have the Vesting Options/Incentives changed to 1. ***


• Teams may carry over a maximum of $35M in Cash from one season to the next.

• Owners will not take away or give Cash to teams, unless it is to lower their Cash Max to $35M.

• All other financial aspects, including setting of budgets, will be handled by the OOTP financial engine.


• All trades are subject to review by the commish in order to ensure reasonable value has been exchanged.

• Concerns regarding the fairness of a posted trade should be brought up with a PM to Commish or co Commish if the Commish is involved in the trade.

• Teams may send, with a player, cash equivalent to that players remaining salary. Please note, teams are not allowed to send more cash than they have available.

• Teams are able to trade money to another club as the primary value exchanged for a player.

• Recently drafted players cannot be traded until they've been signed by their current team.

• After the Trade Deadline and before Free Agency, players without a contract or under team control through arbitration for the following season cannot be traded.

• Veteran players may exercise their 10/5 right to veto trades.

• Trades will not be processed unless they are posted EXACTLY as instructed in the “Trade Posting Guidelines” thread.

• Trades are processed in-game following the sim, any player involved in a trade that suffers an injury during the sim will have that injury re-set.

• Traded players automatically go to “Designated for Assignment” status and must be assigned to a team within 14 days or they will be released.

• Any trade processed in the game that is disallowed financially by OOTP will be declared null and void (with the reason given) by the Commissioner.

• As per current MLB rules, trading of draft picks is not permitted.

• As per current MLB rules, Free Agents signed prior to the start of the season may not be traded until June 15.

Game Settings

Scouts/Coaches = OFF

Injuries = LOW

Ratings Scale = 1-10

Batter Dev Speed = 1.000

Batter Aging Speed = .250

Pitcher Dev Speed = .900

Pitcher Aging Speed = .375

Talent Change Randomness = 67

Draft Pick Compensation = Enabled (Comp. deleted at Opening Day if still unsigned)

Playoff Rosters = DISABLED

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